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Hi everyone

I've been playing the game for a little while now and every now and then I see a whole bunch of questions that I think I can help with. I've compiled a list of things that I think might help new players understand certain things a little better, and maybe help advance in the game.

** I have no affiliation with FTB, these comments are from an observational point of view and drawn purely from my experience playing the game. **

Divisions range from 20 - 1
Once Division 1 has been completed, players move on to the Championship Division

Every new player starts off in Division 20.

Once you have reached Division 18, you are able to compete in the Tournament for free, as a once off.

Since the option to participate for free is a once off, it would be best to gain a better understanding for the game before attempting to play and in doing so, losing the opportunity to win some packs.

Cards are assigned in five groups;

White or 1-star
Blue or 2-stars
Green or 3-stars
Gold or 4-stars (cards have 3 numbers and the letter "A")
Legend or 5-stars (cards have 2 numbers and two letter "A's")

All these cards can be obtained through packs (5 cards per pack), except Legend or 5-star cards.

Legend or 5-star cards are awarded for completing your collection and for completing the season in the Championship Division.

From what I have read, you start in another ranking in this Division and this can vary whether you actively play or not.
(I’ve not yet reached this Division so I do not have more information available about how it works opposed to Divisions 20 - 1)

There are four kinds of flips;
single flip - this is the very basic flip.
double flip - when you flip two of your opponents' cards using only one card.
triple flip - when you flip three of your opponents' cards using only one card.
quadruple flip - when you flip four of your opponents' cards using only one card.

Each level requires a certain amount of stars to be completed, as you progress, the amount of stars required increases.

For every win you gain a star.
For every draw the stars remain as is.
For every loss one star is deducted.
You are rewarded one coin per flip.

If you win, you are rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do as well as a 10 coin bonus. i.e. 3 flips = 3 coins + 10 coins win bonus.

If you draw, you are rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do as well as 3 coin bonus  i.e. 3 flips = 3 coins + 3 coins draw bonus.

If you lose, you are only rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do  i.e. 3 flips = 3 coins. In this instance, you have the option to watch a roughly 30 second video in order to double your coins.

If you leave a game while it is still in progress, even if you are winning, you lose the game and will receive no coins.
If an opponent leaves the game before it starts, but your cards have already been dealt, you will win on the minimum basis of 1 flip + 10 coin win bonus.

Note that it can happen that an opponent leaves and you are rewarded the win, but sometimes there is an error where it awards you twice.

In this case you will be awarded coin as if you won two individual games by the same margin, and two stars will also be awarded.

Usually this issue resolves itself when you end the application and re-start it again. Meaning the extra star and coins rewarded in error would be gone and the actual figures of what you should have will show. This might be a common denominator to the error received when trying to by a 200 coin pack and receiving the error “you do no have enough coins”.

Note that I am in no way claiming that the latter is the only cause, it is something I've found to be the cause many times when I play and win in that way.


Once you have used up your free Tournament, the cost to play is 300 coins, or a cash payment.

Tournament cards differ to your actual line up and collection. You are given a pack to use consisting of the following:
2 Gold/ 4-star rated cards
7 Green/ 3-star rated cards
7 White/ 1-star rated cards

Distribution is roughly as above.

These cards are only assigned to you when you play Tournaments and does not form part of your actual line up or collection.

Tournament awards are as follow;
First round win = 1 pack
Second round win = 2 packs
Third round win = 6 packs

These awards are only for winning.
Draws are replayed until a winner is determined.
If you lose, you get nothing.

Lastly, end-of-season awards.
Every new month marks the beginning of a new season.
You will get a reward based on the highest Division you have reached, and not the Division you were in on that last day of the month.
The end-of-season reward consists of 1 card, coins, and a teleportation device that sends you right out of the Division you ended on and into another. I am not entirely sure how this works but an example would be if you finished in Division 3, you may get sent packing back to Division 15.

Reward ^ here was Chris Smalling, 850 coins and teleportation back to the Division 13 I think.

The first card as explained in-game, is protected. This is only valid until whoever laid down the first card has his/her next turn. Thereafter it’s open to flip to your opponent.

Usually your own cards will appear blue when playing, whilst the opponents appears purple. So all cards that can be flipped by you, will be purple, whereas cards that can be flipped by your opponent will be blue.

Every one has their own style of play and in-game it is suggested to lay down a weaker card first as may allow you the opportunity to re-flip. Not a bad strategy to follow at all.

Obviously the idea is to win at best, and draw as a worse case scenario. Ultimately, there will be losses too.

Don’t be intimidated by the Division of your opponent, also do not disregard an opponent if the Division that he/she might be in is lower than yours.
If you think the opponent might have a stronger lineup, try playing your cards in a way that allows you to re-flip what they flip.
Be aware of all four sides of the cards and particularly the ones that is laid in a direction that allows for a flip.
Try familiarising your line up so that you have a rough idea of which cards may be dealt for you.
This method isn’t accurate and may not work for everyone, but sometimes it allows you to anticipate certain plays and prepare for the next move.

There is a timer, so you have to think fast. If you missed the toss for who plays first, the outline of the pitch will give you an indication. If the outline is blue, you go first. And if purple, your opponent goes first.

Commonly, players are left confused when they see opponents with better cards than them, yet, sometimes, they are in the same Division or not too far apart.
Here it is important to consider the end-of-season rewards. Your opponent may have been in Division 4 at the end of the season, and may have built a reasonable collection that contains a few of each type of card, and has since been assigned to a lower Division (see end-of-season rewards as to how this happens).

A big issue at the moment is the type of cards that you get in the packs and the high frequency in which you seem to get the same cards as duplicates. A lot of it is a gamble right now, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get the dirt pile. Hopefully this is something that FTB is paying serious attention to and are looking at sorting it out sooner rather than later.

I’ve personally spent a great deal of money on this game, so before you spend on packs, consider carefully whether you are willing to take the risk. Distribution of the cards is frustrating. I've probably given Brino so much grey hairs about that issue so note that I am not endorsing, nor am I defending, nor am I degrading the game. It's ridiculously enjoyable, but it has faults and it needs to be improved on, particularly in the aspect of money being spent.
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Re: Flip Football Guide + progressive review [includes screen shots]
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2016, 11:00:39 pm »
Tournament cards differ to your actual line up and collection. You are given a pack to use consisting of the following:
2 Gold/ 4-star rated cards
7 Green/ 3-star rated cards
7 White/ 1-star rated cards

Distribution is roughly as above.

Slight adjustment here. I seem to have made no mention of the allocation of Green/ 2-star rated cards. They too form part of the line up.
So the correction would be:
2 Gold/ 4-star rated cards
4 Green/ 3-star rated cards
5 Blue/ 2-star rated cards
5 White/ 1-star rated cards

Should be roughly as above.

I'll add a better screen shot once my collection is complete and I can freely forgo coins earned for packs on Tournaments as an alternative.

Championship Division

Legend or 5-star cards are awarded for completing your collection and for completing the season in the Championship Division.

From what I have read, you start in another ranking in this Division and this can vary whether you actively play or not.
(I’ve not yet reached this Division so I do not have more information available about how it works opposed to Divisions 20 - 1)

The illustrious and illusive Champions Division has been reached.

Most noticeably,ranking sort of differs. After finally accumulating the required stars to move on from Division 1 and entering the Champions Division:

Gone are the stars required.

Some games later a little better ranking;

Notice the message underneath the ranking. Unlike in Divisions 20 - 1, you don't necessarily lose your "standing". Though this was a draw so the natural assumption should be that you shouldn't. More on that as we go.

Some more exploratory games and hopes to improve ranking.
In this instance, the position improves.
Here, it changed. Again it would be a natural assumption that this should happen as the game was lost.
And here, the position remains the same despite a win.

As previously mentioned, your ranking depends on a number of factors. These includes how well or poorly other players are playing, whether you play or not and of course the results of your games.

It is possible to have an increase to your position by more than one at a time, needless to say, the opposite is also possible.

The end-of-season reward remains a mystery to me until of course we reach the next cycle.

** While I am aware that Legend cards are awarded depending on completion of the Championship Division at the end of the season and for completing your collection, it might actually be really nice incentive to add that as a reward for reaching the Championship Division, considering that there aren't that many rewards for achievements in this particular FTB release.
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Re: Flip Football Guide + progressive review [includes screen shots]
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2016, 02:25:30 pm »
More information here

Notable mention, if your account is linked to FB and you play against friends, you win only the coins from your flips. You do not receive a bonus for a win or draw. Your ranking also does not change.
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Re: A beginners' guide to Flip Football - with screen shots [large]
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2016, 03:41:33 pm »
Hi! I added the first of the tutorial here:

This has been modified and approved by us. I will make more additions to it when possible.

Thanks for your help, @MsT

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Re: Flip Football Guide + progressive review [includes screen shots]
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2016, 05:33:25 pm »
^ You're welcome.

Hi everyone.

Initially I was going to post more information only once the season has ended, but since it doesn’t appear that the result I was aiming for will be achieved, I might as well crack on with it now.

So, Champions Division.

Last season my highest position was Division 1. At the end of that season reward, I moved back up to 13 I think. Some frustration at moving down the ranking order by such a large margin left for only one option - regain the position and get into the Champions Division. And so I did. Some grueling games later and heavy handed contests once reaching Division 1 again, having to fend of Champions to gain more stars to proceed, it finally happened.

109, my starting position in the Champions Division.

Now it has been mentioned several times that ranking is static in this Division, and it is. You could move up positions, or you may move down positions. Other times you will maintain your position.

In terms of dropping in positions, I’ve found the margin to be reasonable enough. The drops for me, when it has happened, hasn’t been by more than two or three. Keep in mind that because ranking is static, your position is and will be influenced by factors mentioned previously such as other player activity.

Moving positions too has been marginal, and by no more than two.

Now, moving up and dropping in position seems to be more frequent the lower you are in the Champions Division. For example, when I came in at 109, I would move up on some occasions by two positions, at times retaining the highest as result, and other times, even at the back of several wins, place in the middle of the two positions.  Rarely I’ve dropped in position after not playing for a while, but this can and will happen.


I’ve found that a reasonable amount of my opponents are players I have been matched against before.

So with that in mind, it is important to try and take note of their way of play and the types of cards they have, regardless of which Division you’re in - pay attention to this, they become a little predictable after a while and that may allow you the opportunity to move up in ranking. Other times they actually just are better at mapping their game plan than you are, so they may still get the better of you. It helps to at least get in touching distance.

Now, noticeably, 5-star or Legend cards are super popular in the Champions Division. Some players have up to three. I’ve also seen them in the lower Divisions, like between Division 1-4 on the occasion that I’ve been matched with a player ranked in that bracket. I’ve mentioned before that this could be because they’ve been in the Champions Division before, completed their collection, whatever the reason, it was earned for reaching some sort a target that is rewarded with that type of card in the game.

Back to how these cards are employed in the game.

Some players generally launch it with their first play, others will keep it until the end of the round. Whichever way, if you do not have one, it can leave you feeling a bit intimidated. This can happen particularly if it disrupts the opportunity for you to make a few flips.

Now I’ve picked up on a nasty habit where some of the players with these cards will quite literally park the bus. It’s super annoying because you eventually run out of options and you’re forced to concede points to them without really making a dent in that which you pick up against them. One can argue that it is a good strategy to have, but I feel it defeats the purpose a little and takes a little bit of fun out of the game. It’s a bullish strategy, nothing more.

I did say that it helps to make note of your opponents cards and particularly in this instance it is where it counts the most.

Because there aren’t that many 5-star or Legend cards, it becomes easy to remember them and which way the A’s face. Remember these cards are made up of two adjacent A’s and the remaining two corners is made up of numbers ranging from 1-9.

You’ll hardly find these cards being played in the central position of the ‘board’, almost always they’re employed on the sides and coming out of either of the four corners because a large number of them appear to have low numbers, they are thus concealed to the corners and the A's, which you cannot flip, are left exposed.

In some cases, as I mentioned, if players with more than one of these cards at their disposal gives you the indication that they are parking the bus, you almost have to force them to make a flip.
And to do this, you launch a card that if they decide to make the flip, you will be able to re-flip.
Strategy is of course always an integral part of playing this game, so you must keep in mind whether your re-flip will allow anything for you, and if at the back of that, what it offers to your opponent.

Losing is obviously part of the game, we can’t win all the games, but the margin doesn’t have to be so big when that happens, so try and close down the point difference, if improving or maintaining your position is out of the question, there is still coins to play for after all.

Previously I discussed the option of launching a weaker card as your first play, this remains a really good strategy to employ.

Obviously the card should allow you a re-flip after your opponent has made their play, and hopefully, a string of plays as result of that so you aren’t left with no cards to turn. You can do this by selecting the central part of the ‘board, or going down the sides. It is also useful to change up your lineup every now and then and varying your method of play. No one opponent is the same as the next, so you have to make the necessary adjustments to adapt and hopefully keep advancing in the game.

At the time of posting this, I am firmly placed in 4th position in the Champions Division.

I’ve flip flopped between 3 and 4 in the last two days but as of the last 24 hours, there has been absolutely no movement in my position.

I imagine there is some sort of queuing system, there has to be considerable drops in the positions higher, i.e. 1-3 in order for me to move up to either of those positions.

I can’t imagine any other scenario. My win ratio is much much higher than draws or losses in consecutive games.

Maybe the order of improved ranking has broken. ;D

The aim was of course to reach one, but it does not appear to be possible at this time and in time before the season ends.  :'(

Overall movement this season then:
Highest position reached at the end of last season: Division 1
Reward for reaching Division 1: 850 coins, Chris Smalling - card type: 2-star/ blue.
Position at the beginning of this season after rend of season reward: Division 13

Current position: 4 - Champions Division
Highest position reached: 3 - Champions Division

The end of season reward surely has my interest piqued.

While I still share a great deal of disappointment in how cards in packs are distributed, I've developed a somewhat different view of that and I will post more on that after this season ends, the case of duplicates and just a general overview of how I have come to understand all of that as factors of the game, the positives and the negatives.

Note that even though a large part of this post centers around the Champions Division, it is in fact applicable to any Division.

Simply substitute my reference to 5-star or Legend cards to what you see as a higher card in the Division you currently play i.e 2-star or blue cards, 3-star or green cards, 4-star or gold cards.
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Re: Flip Football Guide + progressive review [includes screen shots]
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2016, 08:56:46 pm »
End of season reward - Champions Division

It seems as if the standard was 1000 coins, a 5-star/ Legend card, and of course - teleportation.

From holding down 4th position quite firmly for some days, I was swiftly demoted to the 13th Division.

I’m still having an insane amount of trouble trying to wrap my head around gaining over 100 positions and then having to start from the exact same point as I did in the previous season. It nullifies gaining better position in that Division if the reward ends up being all the same for everyone playing in that bracket. At this point and until further clarification, it tells me that pretty much all I have to do is maintain some inconsequential position in this Division and receive the same reward as everyone else.

If you’re a fairly new player, the following few lines would be particularly important for you to keep in mind.

Divisions 20 - 1 is quite literally full of players who have spent some time in the Champions Division come the start of a new season. The teleportation I speak of is one of the balls in your end of season reward that sends you down the order in terms of ranking. I think this affects pretty much everyone. I don’t have any reason thus far to believe that there’s some immunity against that. So basically, Champions are evicted and have to regain their position.

Thus the mad scramble and the influx of players with several 4-star/ Gold cards, and 5-star/ Legend cards in Divisions 20 - 1.

This kind of recycling pretty much happens at the beginning of each season I think. Keeping that in mind, you should be able to understand why you may be playing against players with that type of cards, and the sheer number thereof at pretty much any point. I’ve mentioned before that Legend cards are earned, the rest is pretty much what has been found in packs. I’m sure the struggle is the same for all of us when it comes to the latter.

I have been trying to complete my collection for some weeks. With only 22 or so required one would think it would be an easy feat. Unfortunately the cards that I need are the higher ranked cards i.e. green and gold, and as we’ve come to know, these are hard to come by.

And now, the case of the pesky duplicates, not forgetting, the dreaded white cards.

A while ago I counted the amounts of cards for each colour, and this is the figures I arrived at;

- 33 Gold or 4-star
- 37 Green or 3-star
- 80 Blue or 2-star
- 138 White or 1-star

Just over a week or so ago I decided to build my collection of duplicates just to see how they line up against my actual collection. In other words, I went against selling any duplicates that I may have acquired during this period.

I basically played until I had the required 200 coins and would then buy pack. I used no real cash, only coins earned in game. Duplicates as said, I kept.

I did play an awful lot of regular games so keep that in mind when you see just how many cards I received in that period that proved no use in completing my collection.

Now just from the sheer amount of 1-star/ white cards I managed to accumulate in this period, quite literally amounts to over and above a complete collection of all the cards. That is just a little bit insane considering that while I am struggling to complete my overall collection, I’ve been able to amass enough cards of one particular type that is equal and funny enough, greater to the amount I need in total.

The 2-star/ green cards coming in second and they aren’t nearly as popular as the white cards. Not by a mile.

With the 3 and 4-star cards you can now see how the higher the card is a bit more difficult to add to your collection. And these are the cards I need to complete my collection. One 3, and a bunch of 4-star cards. Duplicates arrive, but not what would prove more useful in terms of completion. I’ll come back to this in a bit.

Selling duplicates

When selling duplicates you have two options:
1 - Go to collection, select sell duplicates and sell directly from there
2 - Go to collection, select the individual card you wish to sell and then manually follow that process until you’ve sold the cards you wish to without selling all your duplicates.

Below you can see that I’ve followed the painstakingly slow process of selling only my 1-star/ white duplicate cards while keeping the others. I used the 640 coins I got from that to buy three packs. Needless to say, my re-collection of white cards is right on track again.

Important to note here. When you select an individual duplicate card, the resell value is shown as the following:

Gold or 4-star - 200
Green or 3-star - 50
Blue or 2-star - 10
White or 1-star - 5

The correct resell values are:

Gold or 4-star - 150
Green or 3-star - 20
Blue or 2-star - 5
White or 1-star - 2

And now, the matter of how cards are distributed and how the cards we really want takes a lifetime to appear.

A little after starting to play I too spent some cash on packs. The biggest pack I’ve bought was the 15 pack. Not enough words in the world can convey the disappointment I felt after opening those packs. Thinking that that kind of thing is isolated, I of course went ahead and bought another 15 pack some time later. Still not taking this punishment lying down, I spent more cash on packs!

Lesson pretty much learnt for me. I don’t mind the gamble that comes to this game but I don’t think there’s a lot of people who’d be happy to have money taken from them for virtually nothing in return.

There is some temptation to spend a little on a pack if only to complete my collection, but I’m taking the previous encounters as enough to go by and stop me from doing that.

Your options are your own though. It might be a good day, the card gods could be smiling on your money and gift you the most sought after cards. It’s a personal decision I think and everyone should decide if they’re willing to go all in or not.

There is the option of paying for Tournaments with real money as well. I don’t really have such a major issue with that as I feel the odds in terms of cards for each player is fair enough. Obviously a little luck helps too as the cards dealt to you plays an important factor in whether you win or lose.

Even with coins, I’d easily take 300 to the Tournament and try my best for 6 packs. It works out to a little better than 200 coins for 1 pack. Obviously this is something I do if I don’t particularly mind parting with 300 coins whether it be in the first round or if I make it to the last and win the 6 packs. To each their own.

I wanted to come back to the issue of cards and how they’re distributed because it’s actually a big driver of the game. Without good cards, you’re a sitting duck. I’ve mentioned ways in which you can get them as well and what I believe are the obstacles, or gains with that. Yup, there’s some of that.

Just a couple of days before starting my duplicate collection I quite literally managed to find a gold card per day. It went on for three days I think. Overall I found four that I did not have. Some two or so days later I found another, it was a duplicate however and it was promptly sold. The four still showing in my current duplicate collection came within the week thereafter. The last one was yesterday or the day before. So on that I’m pretty happy. Obviously the fact that some are duplicates isn’t that great, but the fact that I managed to get them in some frequency makes me a little ok with how they appear. It’s been consistent recently, one appears, then I know within the coming days I will have at least one more and then nothing for a while.

Green cards are proving a little hard. Though on that previous pattern it seems that where the green appears, the gold won’t be far behind. Note that this is how I am finding it at the moment. The blues and whites are pesky as ever, but it’s amongst these that I’ve found the gems. The resell value isn’t great, but if it comes with gold I’ll take it any day.

Now the point I really want to drive home is that unfortunately repetition with these cards is somewhat needed. If getting all the cards within a month, there is no real point to play for much longer after that. I can’t see it anyway. The frequency of duplication is annoying because the cards you may not find, seems to be common for other players you may be matched against. I think here lies the design flaw in that while you may play someone within your rank, it is purely based on rank and probably not factoring in the card variety. This makes the fact of getting the more sought after cards so much more difficult to absorb than it would have been had the match ups been done based on cards already collected.

While problematic, I think this provides a good opportunity to add something special. Let’s say your whites are completed, you’d then be rewarded with a blue card. Complete the blue, you get a green as reward, and so on and so on.

When you start playing in Division 20, you see a little blue and some white and none of it is an issue. But once you get further down the order, you see variety and it is then when the issue becomes a bigger issue in trying to obtain these cards.

Obviously a sore point for me will always be the distribution of cards when real money is spent. Though, there shouldn’t be a discrepancy between the different methods of acquiring cards. No one way should supersede the other.

I can’t properly articulate at the moment my irritation yet at the same time a little understanding for the method of how the cards are distributed, and so that brings my rambling to a close for now.

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Re: A beginners' guide to Flip Football - with screen shots [large]
« Reply #6 on: October 31, 2016, 05:16:35 pm »
An elaboration on the latest update.

In the new list of players: There has been a reshuffle, some players have been upgraded with better values and most noticeably, it appears as if Manchester United and Bayern Munich players no longer form part of the collection.

Game modes: These were first incorporated in NBA Flip and has now been introduced across the board for flip games it seems.

There are three new game modes.

Block Match:

In these matches, two playing slots are subtracted from the playing field. The two blocked slots varies from match to match.

Booster Match:

In these matches some slots will add a bonus to or penalize your cards. The slots with an added bonus can vary from +1 to +2 with the new maximum being A+

The slots that can result in a penalty in turn varies from -1 to -2
Basically just add or subtract the respective slot number from the card that you wish to play.

Again, slots vary from match to match as does the value of the + and - slots.

Fast Match:

Pretty self explanatory and you only have 10 seconds to make each move. 

Shiny cards: Basically moving backgrounds. Not a major change other than that. Purple or 4 star cards in these packs now have a yellow/gold background.

Premium packs: An extension of shiny cards, can include legend cards. The legend cards in these packs are not to be confused with the ones that can be earned for finishing a season in the Legend division or bought through special offers.
It seems as if these legend cards only have one A, the remaining three numbers are assigned in a similar fashion as 4 star cards.
I’ve seen only one exception, and that appears to be with the Seedorf card, where 2 9’s are allocated along with two low ranking numbers to complete.

Chat: A nice add on to interact with your rival a bit.

Another small change would be the ability to sell legend cards.

In addition to the above, daily rewards are now available too.

All three missions must be complete in order to receive the reward.
You are able to replace one mission at a time, thereafter, should you feel you want to replace another, you must wait for a period of 2 hours.
That being said, the daily rewards do not roll over if you’ve not completed them by the end of the day. They will remain until you complete them all.
At the same token, if you happen to finish all three of your missions after 00:00, you must wait until 00:00 for the next batch of missions.

Finally, the reward for a complete collection.

Flip Football 1.2.9:270390
Flip Baseball 1.1.2:8252
NBA Flip 1.04.001-11:203692

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Re: Flip Football Guide + progressive review [includes screen shots]
« Reply #7 on: October 31, 2016, 08:58:21 pm »
Alright, so with the update done with a little bit more detail, let's get into the game itself as it is now.

I went over some of my older posts in this thread and noticed a few back I covered the distribution of cars, or rather, the higher rated cards.
Strangely enough, I've had a similar experience some days ago as I was in the process of completing my collection.
For at least a month or so, it seemed as if I would never ever see another 4 star card again. No matter how many packs I opened, they just weren't coming.
And then, literally one card away from completing my collection, I kept finding 4-star cards.
Quite literally over a period of say, 24 hours, I managed to find 7 or so.

Worth a giggle after all the frustration prior to that, but it seems to go with my theory that when these cards appear, they come in droves and after that, you begin the process of frustration all over again.

There is still a bit to talk about on that subject, but I will come back to that another time.

Lots to discuss since the latest update, which was a couple of weeks or so ago, nearly a month?

In all aspects, it's a big step up from where the game was before this. I didn't play during the initial roll out but I can imagine quite a bit has changed since then to now.

Getting into the availability of premium packs, and the potential of getting legend cards in those packs; this is a nice change, but I feel that the legend cards are a bit of a let down.

Looking at the likes of Henry, Giggs, Beckham et al, it seems a shame that these cards were given values similar to that of current players, though ranked higher without any real difference or any real reference taken from their respective careers to determine a more suitable, and higher value.

I am also of the opinion that there should be better probability of at least green cards in those packs. I've personally bought quite a few, with real money and with coins, and I've been left disappointed.

400 coins does not justify 4 white cards and one blue, particularly when the resell value only comes to 12 or 13 coins?

In this respect I feel that either probability of higher value cards needs to be increased, or the resell value must be increased for duplicates found in these packs specifically.

I also touched on the issue of defensive play in the legends division some couple of posts back, and with the new game modes being introduced, it is even more apparent. It makes a little bit more sense now as it is almost instinctive to try and stop flips against you, and try force your rival to make a mistake and allow you a few.

The downside to this is that the coins won, if you win, is considerably lower than what you'll find in divisions 20 - 1. A win gets you the 10 bonus, but many times you get away with maybe 1 - 2 flips, a lot of times a 0 - 0 draw.
Getting back to the divisions after the end of season will be a nice change of pace.

My favourite game mode has fast become the booster matches. There isn't a lot of prediction in terms of rivals, with exception to those you commonly play against, these matches really doesn't allow for any arrogance.
In these it matters how you can predict moves and what your counter is against that prediction.
And because you never know where the + or - will be until your first hand has been dealt, it really adds a nice element of surprise.

I am also enjoying the chat options that has been added. They're a bit wonky at the moment as they sometimes do not quite deliver the message you intend. Example, if you select "well played", at times it sends "great", or "greeting" will relay "regards" at the start of a game. Small things and nothing that takes too much from the game, but it would be great if it could be just a little bit more accurate.

With regards to daily rewards, has anyone actually been able to get four double flips in the same game?
I've tried a couple of times, employing different strategies every single time and I've yet to pull it off.
I'm actually not even sure if it is possible. It can't be if a lineup includes cards with A's.

Considering that each player has 6 plays, the very first card is protected, after that, both players are left with five plays. And a double flip on top of another double flip relies on continuous flipping. An A side card reduces that option of all sides exposed being open to a flip.
Ha, if anyone's been able to pull it off, please tell/show me how?

There isn't too much else that bothers me about these rewards, maybe the reward for and amount of tournaments expected to be played for that specific reward.

Speaking of, the cash payment for Tournaments has been reduced a little on iOS. It still isn't on par with the cost on Android, but I suppose it is a start. I would be eager to see if there would be some reduction on the cost of packs, or rather, equal cost across different operating systems.

Lastly, I've always known there to be bots in the game, but it wasn't always as apparent as it is now. I never really paid mind to it in the lower divisions, but in the champions division I'd always come across them as my ranking was about to improve. I now find them whenever it seems to be taking too long to find a real live opponent for normal matches and for tournaments.

This is actually a very good move as far as I am concerned. In tournaments it no longer takes a life time to find an opponent. Only one real issue I've found with being paired against a bot in a tournament though and that has been mentioned to Brino in the relevant threads.

In terms of regular matches, I really don't mind them either. They're designed to be a little more intuitive than before, a little too much at times but it's not a big issue.
I do think however that if you're going to employ a bot to play against someone reasonably well ranked and that bot is ranked lower than the 13th division, it doesn't make a lot of sense for that bot to have really amazing cards. I've come across some that is shown to be in the 20th division, but with a lineup of A-ranked cards only.
This makes no sense. I do not know what they look like in the lower divisions, or if they are present, but the cards allocated to them, wherever they are, should make sense in relation to rank.

Feel free to participate in this topic, but please note it would be discussion only and not for support as the relevant topics for that exists already.

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