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Author Topic: Bugs and Technical Issues  (Read 2031 times)

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Bugs and Technical Issues
« on: April 29, 2015, 12:26:39 PM »
Have you experienced a bug? This is the place to check out if you're looking for help regarding any technical issue.

**Please note that the best way to report a Bug or Technical issue is by contacting our In-Game Support Department directly from the Support tab by selecting the issue that best explains the one you are experiencing and tapping the SUPPORT button**

In order to allow our staff to resolve the glitch in an even shorter term, please enclose as many details as possible while reporting a bug:
- Your User Name,
- Your User ID
- Your Partner Code
- Please also specify for how long you have been experiencing this issue, in which section/screen of the game, which plataform you are using (Android/iOS), as well as the device and model.

We'll do our best to fix it as soon as possible!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Don't contact this account for support requests.


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You can contact our customer service here, remind to always enclose your account's details when submitting a request.