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NBA General Manager 2017 / Re: Bugs & Technical issues
« Last post by Mstruble on Today at 09:32:09 PM »
I don't know if anyone has brought this up in the past but I think from the Bench should rethink or improve this.  But what I'm talking about is the jobs portion of the game.  If by chance when you log into the game and redeem your prize of maybe 1 million for the world tour it resets the jobs listed.  When it resets it puts whatever player in those jobs that you have on your roster which is ok, but the frustration point is that you go and level up one of those potential players assigned in those jobs and during the level up process the jobs don't reset to some other player you have on your roster.  So you now have to wait however long it is for that player to level up, could be 10 minutes could be 12 hours, to do that job now so that you can get another player to be assigned those jobs and if when that player that your in the process of leveling up completes that job they can also be selected to do another job with another player in the dual job requirement.  Do you get what I'm saying?  I just think the game needs to reassigns another player when the player it assigns is in the process of getting leveled up.  Thank you for your time. 
« Last post by lukaSTR8 on Today at 08:12:15 PM »
NBA General Manager 2017 / Re: Your Questions, Our Answers
« Last post by Romkalt on Today at 05:37:05 PM »
Hi i finished 2nd in allstar torney in silver planet but was not promoted till gold planet why?
NBA General Manager 2017 / Re: Italia
« Last post by Teone da Piuvica on Today at 04:36:07 PM »
Son due settimane che sono nel platino e sto dietro al mercato giocatori..possibile che Gobbert non si sia mai visto?!
Fantasy Manager Football 2017 / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« Last post by Ciro80 on Today at 03:15:36 PM »
Il pianeta Gold sarà disponibile il giorno 10 Aprile 2017. Potrai salire al pianeta Gold a partire dalla settimana dopo se hai completato tutti i requisiti del pianeta Silver. Non dimenticare di riscuotere tutte le ricompense disponibili nei tornei per evitare la possibilità di perderle dopo esserti stato promosso al prossimo pianeta.
Fantasy Manager Football 2017 / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« Last post by Nea Rica on Today at 03:08:45 PM »
Hello Brino!

I am about to finish in the top 3 of the 1st Division in the Silver Planet.
Unfortunatelly, even if I finished 3 or 4 times the Europe Tournament, in the objectives panel with the promotion conditions, it is still not checked.

Please help me, in order to secure my promotion next week to the Gold Planet (of course if i finish by the end of the week in the top 3  8)

Manager name Nea' Rica
ID 1:5711115
Fan code 1x29gisRWZ

Hi Nea Rica,
Are you referring to the WORLD CUP tournament?
That's the one that needs to be completed.
Please let me know.

I've completed the World Cup tournament , once. Please tell me if something happened and the achievement has to be redone


Hey Nea Rica,
Do you see it now?

All it's fine now. I was really worried  :)
If you have time, please check a friends account. He is in a identical situation as me.

Manager name: Catalin Marian
ID 1:5839986
Fan code 1xabdiqrUY


Big Problem !!!
Finished 2nd in the League, but no promotion to the GOLD Planet! I am still stuck on the Silver Planet...

This is a dissapointing issue that must be solved.
I am unhappy.
Please help!

Can anyone help ?

Nea Rică

Cand anyone help , please?
NBA General Manager 2017 / Re: Bugs & Technical issues
« Last post by Manel Xaxito on Today at 03:06:09 PM »
Hi! I just finished the last All Star Season as 2nd, so this means that i climbed up from newbie planet to bronze. The 2nd place reward is: 15000000 cash and 20 coins, i only received 20 coins from the tournament. I would like to receive the cash left, because as much of you know when you begin in a new planet you have to buy new players of the concret planet, so im actually with only 2 bronze players.
I look forward for your reply!!


Phone: Huawei P8 Lite
Nickname: Manel Xaxito
ID: 3:6677737
NBA General Manager 2017 / Re: Bugs & Technical issues
« Last post by oliver.freiling on Today at 02:45:20 PM »
Seit Freitag komme ich über mein Samsung Galaxy 7 nicht mehr in meine Accounts rein. Es kommt immer die Meldung: "Oops, something went wrong. Try it again. Ich habe mein Handy schon auf Werkeinstellungen zurückgesetzt. Dann startete die App normal, bis ich mich einloggte. Danach wieder oops. Das ist total ärgerlich, auch wegen all den Turnieren und so, die ich am laufen habe. Ich habe nur mein Kindle, da komm ich rein, das hat unterwegs aber kein Internet. Darüber habe ich support auch schon angefragt, aber nichts passiert, keine Reaktion.


Could you please try to write to us in english?


Since friday I can't open my gm17 app on my Galaxy S7. It replies "Ooops, something went wrong. Try it again, please". I've restored my handy and started it again. To the login it went well. But after I signed me in, there again "Ooops". It's very frustrating, because I try to win the tournaments and I only can log in in an old Kindle fire, but I haven't Internet to go there. I've written to support on friday about it, but since then no answer and nothing changed.

Please help!!!!!
Fantasy Manager Football 2017 / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« Last post by Aelan on Today at 02:40:56 PM »
Gioco Football Manager 2017 Ipad Mini
1:137469 1xm6NTkw3y
Non funzionano i tasti BONUS ossia premo il tasto ma non succede nulla. Non partono video né appaiono messaggi di errore.
Non funziona né sulla schermata di avvio, né sui lavori né sul potenziamento dei giocatori .

Ciao Aelan,
Sarebbe possibile inviarci un video dell'errore per poter controllare quello che ti succede?

Non so come fare il video .
Comunque NON SUCCEDE NULLA. Appare il tasto BONUS 50% lo premo ma non partono video ne appaiono messaggi di errore. Come quando i tasti bonus non ci sono.

Ok, controlleremo il tuo account per vedere se c'è un problema interno nel tuo account.
C'è modo di disinstallare e reinstallare il gioco senza perdere nulla? Possibile che ci sia qualcosa nella cache che gli dia fastidio ?
NBA General Manager 2017 / Re: Bugs & Technical issues
« Last post by jonas90 on Today at 02:40:45 PM »
I'm back to sophomore division after finished 2nd, facing the same teams/managers.
It's that a visual error or a bug?

I've stayed in the all-star division (begginer planet) after finished 4th... ok here.
But i'm facing the same teams/managers... and it's not a visual error, since i already played the first match and lost.
(image here - the same exact players of last week!! - https://www.facebook.com/ConferenciaDiaD/posts/1647347288616719

I'm wasting my time on this game.
It bugs way too much...
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