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Hi everyone

I've been playing the game for a little while now and every now and then I see a whole bunch of questions that I think I can help with. I've compiled a list of things that I think might help new players understand certain things a little better, and maybe help advance in the game.

** I have no affiliation with FTB, these comments are from an observational point of view and drawn purely from my experience playing the game. **

Divisions range from 20 - 1
Once Division 1 has been completed, players move on to the Championship Division

Every new player starts off in Division 20.

Once you have reached Division 18, you are able to compete in the Tournament for free, as a once off.

Since the option to participate for free is a once off, it would be best to gain a better understanding for the game before attempting to play and in doing so, losing the opportunity to win some packs.

Cards are assigned in five groups;

White or 1-star
Blue or 2-stars
Green or 3-stars
Gold or 4-stars (cards have 3 numbers and the letter "A")
Legend or 5-stars (cards have 2 numbers and two letter "A's")

All these cards can be obtained through packs (5 cards per pack), except Legend or 5-star cards.

Legend or 5-star cards are awarded for completing your collection and for completing the season in the Championship Division.

From what I have read, you start in another ranking in this Division and this can vary whether you actively play or not.
(I’ve not yet reached this Division so I do not have more information available about how it works opposed to Divisions 20 - 1)

There are four kinds of flips;
single flip - this is the very basic flip.
double flip - when you flip two of your opponents' cards using only one card.
triple flip - when you flip three of your opponents' cards using only one card.
quadruple flip - when you flip four of your opponents' cards using only one card.

Each level requires a certain amount of stars to be completed, as you progress, the amount of stars required increases.

For every win you gain a star.
For every draw the stars remain as is.
For every loss one star is deducted.
You are rewarded one coin per flip.

If you win, you are rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do as well as a 10 coin bonus. i.e. 3 flips = 3 coins + 10 coins win bonus.

If you draw, you are rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do as well as 3 coin bonus  i.e. 3 flips = 3 coins + 3 coins draw bonus.

If you lose, you are only rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do  i.e. 3 flips = 3 coins. In this instance, you have the option to watch a roughly 30 second video in order to double your coins.

If you leave a game while it is still in progress, even if you are winning, you lose the game and will receive no coins.
If an opponent leaves the game before it starts, but your cards have already been dealt, you will win on the minimum basis of 1 flip + 10 coin win bonus.

Note that it can happen that an opponent leaves and you are rewarded the win, but sometimes there is an error where it awards you twice.

In this case you will be awarded coin as if you won two individual games by the same margin, and two stars will also be awarded.

Usually this issue resolves itself when you end the application and re-start it again. Meaning the extra star and coins rewarded in error would be gone and the actual figures of what you should have will show. This might be a common denominator to the error received when trying to by a 200 coin pack and receiving the error “you do no have enough coins”.

Note that I am in no way claiming that the latter is the only cause, it is something I've found to be the cause many times when I play and win in that way.


Once you have used up your free Tournament, the cost to play is 300 coins, or a cash payment.

Tournament cards differ to your actual line up and collection. You are given a pack to use consisting of the following:
2 Gold/ 4-star rated cards
7 Green/ 3-star rated cards
7 White/ 1-star rated cards

Distribution is roughly as above.

These cards are only assigned to you when you play Tournaments and does not form part of your actual line up or collection.

Tournament awards are as follow;
First round win = 1 pack
Second round win = 2 packs
Third round win = 6 packs

These awards are only for winning.
Draws are replayed until a winner is determined.
If you lose, you get nothing.

Lastly, end-of-season awards.
Every new month marks the beginning of a new season.
You will get a reward based on the highest Division you have reached, and not the Division you were in on that last day of the month.
The end-of-season reward consists of 1 card, coins, and a teleportation device that sends you right out of the Division you ended on and into another. I am not entirely sure how this works but an example would be if you finished in Division 3, you may get sent packing back to Division 15.

Reward ^ here was Chris Smalling, 850 coins and teleportation back to the Division 13 I think.

The first card as explained in-game, is protected. This is only valid until whoever laid down the first card has his/her next turn. Thereafter it’s open to flip to your opponent.

Usually your own cards will appear blue when playing, whilst the opponents appears purple. So all cards that can be flipped by you, will be purple, whereas cards that can be flipped by your opponent will be blue.

Every one has their own style of play and in-game it is suggested to lay down a weaker card first as may allow you the opportunity to re-flip. Not a bad strategy to follow at all.

Obviously the idea is to win at best, and draw as a worse case scenario. Ultimately, there will be losses too.

Don’t be intimidated by the Division of your opponent, also do not disregard an opponent if the Division that he/she might be in is lower than yours.
If you think the opponent might have a stronger lineup, try playing your cards in a way that allows you to re-flip what they flip.
Be aware of all four sides of the cards and particularly the ones that is laid in a direction that allows for a flip.
Try familiarising your line up so that you have a rough idea of which cards may be dealt for you.
This method isn’t accurate and may not work for everyone, but sometimes it allows you to anticipate certain plays and prepare for the next move.

There is a timer, so you have to think fast. If you missed the toss for who plays first, the outline of the pitch will give you an indication. If the outline is blue, you go first. And if purple, your opponent goes first.

Commonly, players are left confused when they see opponents with better cards than them, yet, sometimes, they are in the same Division or not too far apart.
Here it is important to consider the end-of-season rewards. Your opponent may have been in Division 4 at the end of the season, and may have built a reasonable collection that contains a few of each type of card, and has since been assigned to a lower Division (see end-of-season rewards as to how this happens).

A big issue at the moment is the type of cards that you get in the packs and the high frequency in which you seem to get the same cards as duplicates. A lot of it is a gamble right now, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you get the dirt pile. Hopefully this is something that FTB is paying serious attention to and are looking at sorting it out sooner rather than later.

I’ve personally spent a great deal of money on this game, so before you spend on packs, consider carefully whether you are willing to take the risk. Distribution of the cards is frustrating. I've probably given Brino so much grey hairs about that issue so note that I am not endorsing, nor am I defending, nor am I degrading the game. It's ridiculously enjoyable, but it has faults and it needs to be improved on, particularly in the aspect of money being spent.

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