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Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 22, 2016, 08:36:47 AM »
Fantasy Manager do not work on my phone since yesterday. I'm giving up because of this game.

Hi Ljperoni,
I'm sorry for the troubles you're experiencing. Can you please send me your User ID so we can check into your account and find out what could be wrong?

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 22, 2016, 08:36:04 AM »
Estimado Brino....lo del psg ya se ha actualizado. Ya solobme queda el problema de Teixeira.gracias.Mi usuario 2xatBwYr5V

Hola Angelico33,
Gracias por la confirmación. Nuestro equipo de programadores está trabajando en solucionarlo lo antes posible. Es una cosa que está afectando a varios usuarios de Android en este momento.
Gracias de antemano por su comprensión.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 22, 2016, 08:35:03 AM »
I bought the new mega discount offer today. I advertised that there would be a suprise legend players included. Instead I got Lucas Moura from psg. If I had known it would be a normall player, i wouldnt have made the purchase. Please swap my Lucas Moura for a Legend player as advertised in the offer.

Hi, can you please send me your User ID so that I can check into your account?

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 22, 2016, 08:34:08 AM »

i bought the mega offer and it was charged to my bank acount but i did not receive in game what i paid for.

could you please take action?

Team name: Ugris FC
Fan Code: 1xvZ4tL2Y2
ID: 1:487078

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us a request in "MORE - SUPPORT" providing us with the GPA Reference number so that we can resolve this for you.
Thanks for your patience.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 22, 2016, 08:32:39 AM »

Hi Jurgen,
I'm so sorry. I could have sworn that the cash went through correctly. I've just added the cash back into your account now.
You now have 16.615.330 cash outside the bank.

Hi Brino,

I'm sorry, but your information is incorrect unfortunately. I don't know to which account you added the cash, but it wasn't added to mine! I currently hold 64.700.458 in cash, with 60.000.000 on the bank. No amount what so ever has been added to either total, I'm still missing between 25 to 35 million!

Just to be sure: my ID is 1:447318, my code is 1x2pstfs1c.


Hi Jurgen,
I'm sorry - I was in fact getting the wrong ID from another account in this same thread. It seems a message from another user got mixed in there. I'm so sorry. I've now resolved the issue and added the cash into your account. After checking your account, from the time that the version came out until the 20th, which was when the new version was released with the fix, you lost 15,900,000 cash.
You updated to the newest version, correct?

Hi Brino,

Thanks for looking into this issue once again.

I now indeed see that my total outside the bank has increased. I can only assume you added the correct amount as there is no log or something for me to check this. You say I lost 15.9 M, but I highly doubt that because I improved at least four players. The player with the lowest level was level 36 and that improvement cost me 4.410.000 alone! The other players I improved were in between level 42 and 50, meaning there should be more to see in the log. Could you perhaps share the data with me via a PM or look into it again? Also because I initially reported a difference of 16M and I improved di Maria at least once, possibly twice after that (making a total of at least 25 M!)!


Yes, I sent you a PM so we can continue it there.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:41:38 AM »
Buenos días .después de una nueva actualización sigo sin poder usar a Alex teixeira  porque dice q esta ocupado.no esta en ningún trabajo ni mejorando.tampoco esta cedido porq esa actualización no la tengo todavía disponible (sale el mensaje coming soon)esto añadido a q los jugadores del psg me aparece actualizado en el ultimo partido con un empate a 0-0 cuando en realidad ganaron 0-1 ha hecho que perdiera un partido q puede costarme la liga.Espero q se arregle lo antes posible.mi código de usuario es 2xatBwYr5V.

Hola Angelico:
Siento mucho las molestias. Nuestros programadores están trabajando en solucionar el problema que está afectando a Teixeira
¿Puede enviarme una captura de las estadísticas de PSG que está viendo?

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues Facebook
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:38:39 AM »
Voilà le message qui me marque une erreur est apparu pendant l opération sur le problème persiste , merci de contacter le forum.

Je joue avec votre application avec compte Facebook , mon adresse est la suivante
beckham_boys_723@hotmail.com qui est lié avec mon compte Facebook

J'ai blindé gros joueur dessus, Messi, Neymar, Müller , Higuian, Rooney etc.
J'espère que vous allez pouvoir m'aider et que je peux récupère tous mes personnages avec les lvl qu'ils avaient sur mon compte Facebook .

Ainsi que les jetons qu'il y  avaient dessus également

Bonsoir Admin:

Voilà ce soir j'ai voulu me connecter au jeu Fantasy Manager Club,
Le problème est qu'il me demande mon identifiant Facebook et
Quand je le mets plus mon mot de passe , il me met un message
erreur sur le problème persiste contactez le forum.

Je joue sur un iPhone 4S iOS 9.

La version du jeu de Fantasy Manager Club est 4.51.2
Je ne connais pas mon id-user ni mon code fan
Je connais juste mon id_Name c'est David Gras car l application est lié avec l'adresse pour me connecte sur le jeu avec mon compte Facebook qui est beckham_boys_723@hotmail.com.

Pouvez m'aider car j'ai une grosse equipe avec des gros joueurs dessus.
Mon adresse mail pour me contacter est celle-ci : beckham_boys_723@hotmail.com

Veuillez recevoir mes salutations distinguées .

Bien à vous

Hi nemesis723,
Unfortunately I can't reply in French since it's not one of the languages I speak but I'll do my best to resolve this issue for you as soon as possible. I found your account ID: 1673241 and can see that it's also linked to an FTB account. Have you also tried entering with your FTB account?
Please let me know.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:34:34 AM »
Desde hace dias que no me deja entrenar mejora de jugador a uno de mis jugadores.. me sale el siguiente error (opps something went wrong. Try again,please) lo he repetido 4 dias y siempre lo mismo. Los demas jugadores me deja mejorarlos.
El jugador es Sergio Ramos.

Id: I:3030035

Hola pllm1985:
Siento mucho las molestias. Ya hemos reportado el error y nuestros programadores están trabajando en solucionarlo lo antes posible.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:33:25 AM »
Hello again...
Still missions not working for unlocking regular tournaments (0/0)...

Hi, can you please send me your User ID and confirm which game you're playing?

Fantasy Manager Football 2016
ID 1:155683

Hi - sorry again for the troubles. I've resolved this for you now.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:32:06 AM »
This should be resolved now with our latest fixes.
Please be sure to update to the latest version.

Hi Brino,
I would also like a refund for 5 players (50->51), (51->52), (52->53).

Name: Bojan
ID: 1:886470
Game: FM16

Hi Bojan,
I've resolved this for you. The issue is resolved in our newest version so please be sure to update if you haven't done so already.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:28:56 AM »
One more question. There is no more place to train players like before or only i cant find?

Hi MrWanted,
Now there is no more section to train players. It's no longer needed to train them as they'll always be at 100%.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:28:25 AM »
Hi, my English is not good, german is better :) hope you understand me.
I like the Update, but have some Bugs in my Account.

- massive Problems to get into the Game..frozen Screens..oftenly the only Way to get in is to restart my Mobile..but I can breath with that

- have the same Problem to Level up Players..It will cost 7000, i read..i do..70.000 for Level 5 and  Millions for Upper Level

- OK, the problem with the Shop was fixed..it works :)

Pleace help me. Love that Game

I have a Samsung Core+

I m in with FTB Account and Facebook too.

Game: FM16 from the bench
System: android
ID: 1:2770224
Fan code: 1xsKRJ6tKP

Hi - don't worry :) I can understand you perfectly. We have experienced many issues due to a fallen server and it took longer than expected to get it under control. Now it should be much better.

Regarding the improvement sections showing 7.000 cash every time unfortunately that was a visual error that we have resolved in our latest version that was released yesterday evening (Spanish time). To compensate for the inconvenience I've refunded the cash back into your account.

If you have any further questions, just let us know.

Great, everything is working correctly now! You are the Godfathers of Bug fixing!! 8)

Thank you very much!

Thanks for confirming it's working correctly now :) This is great news.

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:27:45 AM »
Hola,he tratado de comprar monedas dos veces con el mismo resultado,bloqueo de la app y tener que reiniciar,ahora tengo dos cobros y ninguna moneda,podríais arreglarlo?

Hola Rafa:
¿Podría confirmar si hiciste la compra con iTunes o Google Play?

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:26:53 AM »

On your blog I read:
As promised, we’ve paired the new market feature with the the option of increasing the number of player slots you can have on your team. Now you can have a maximum of 60.

I still see 30 as a limit (Android) - is this a bug or we don't have it yet for Android?


Hi Plamen,
Can you please send me your User ID so I can check into your account?

Fantasy Manager Football / Re: Bugs & Technical Issues
« on: January 21, 2016, 11:26:29 AM »
Hi moderator! I have a problem 2 days now after the update! I can' t line up Cafu and the game says that he is busy..but he isn' t in any job or level up.he is level 50 and i can' t do anything with him anymore...please fix it..

Hi Petros,
Our team is working to resolve this as soon as possible. Sorry for the troubles.

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