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TUTORIAL - A Beginner's Guide to Flip Football
« on: July 27, 2016, 03:20:17 pm »
A Beginner’s Guide to Flip Football:

What is a Flip?:

A Flip is made when you're able to turn over your opponents' card.

There are 4 kinds of flips:
Single Flip - When you flip 1 of your opponent's card.
Double flip - When you flip 2 of your opponents' cards using only one card.
Triple flip - When you flip 3 of your opponents' cards using only one card.
Quadruple flip (Perfect) - When you flip 4 of your opponents' cards using only one card.

You are rewarded 1 coin per flip.

The first card thrown down, whether it’s yours or your opponent’s, is protected. This means that it cannot be flipped on the first play. After the 2nd card is played, the protection is gone.

Your cards will have their own color, blue for example, and your opponents will have their own color, purple for example. When you flip one of your opponent’s cards, the color will change from purple to blue, which is your team color. When your opponents flip your cards, the cards will change over to their color.

Every one has their own way of playing and in-game it's suggested that you throw down weaker cards first which will give you the opportunity to re-flip them.

Obviously the idea is to win at best, and draw as a worse case scenario. Ultimately, there will be losses too.

Every player begins at Division 20. The divisions range from 20 - 1
Once you make it past Division 1, you will move on to the Legends division

Each division requires a certain amount of stars to be completed, as you progress, the amount of stars required increases.

For every:
Win: +1 star
Draw: 0 stars
Loss: -1 star

If you win, you are rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do, as well as a 10 coin bonus.
For example: 3 flips = 3 coins + 10 coins win bonus = total: 13 coins

If you draw, you are rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do as well as 3 coin bonus.
For example: 3 flips = 3 coins + 3 coins draw bonus = total: 6 coins

If you lose, you are only rewarded coins for the amount of flips you were able to do.
For example: 3 flips = 3 coins. After losing a match, you’ll have the opportunity to watch a short 30-second video to double the number of coins you receive.

If you leave a game while it is still in progress, even if you are winning, you lose the game and you won’t receive any coins.

If the opponent leaves the game before it starts, but your cards have already been dealt, you will win on the minimum basis of 1 flip + 10 coin win bonus.

There may be some instances in which your opponent leaves and you are given the win, but sometimes there is an error where it gives you the reward twice.

In this case you will be awarded coin as if you won two individual games by the same margin, and two stars will also be awarded.

Usually this issue resolves itself when you end the application and re-start it again, meaning that the extra star and coins rewarded by error would be gone and the correct number of what you should have will be reflected. Please note that this is what will most likely cause an error message saying “You do not have enough coins” when you try to buy a 200-coin pack.

The Champions Division

Once you enter the Champions division, you begin competing in a different ranking which updates in real time. Unlike the ranking from divisions 20-1, where your position stays the same even while not playing, your position in the Champions division CAN vary even while not playing. If you haven't played in a few days and you win the match but still drops, it's because of the amount of time you've gone without playing and the other users surpassed you in the ranking.


Tournaments unlock once you've reached division 18. The first tournament is free and each entry after that costs 300 coins or you can spend $0.99 of real money.

Since only the first tournament is free, it would be best to gain a better understanding for the game before attempting to play and in doing so, losing the opportunity to win some packs.

Your tournament lineup is not really your actual lineup. This is because the game automatically assigns you a roster, as evenly distributed as your opponent's roster to ensure that each user has the same chances of winning. The roster you're given shouconsists of the following:
  • 2 Gold/ 4-star rated cards
  • 7 Green/ 3-star rated cards
  • 7 White/ 1-star rated cards
Distribution is roughly as above.

These cards are only assigned to you when you play Tournaments and those players do not form part of your actual lineup or collection.

Tournament awards are rewarded only if you win the match:
First round win = 1 pack
Second round win = 2 packs
Third round win = 6 packs

If you draw, you will replay until the winner is determined.
If you lose, you don't receive any packs.


In each pack you receive 5 cards. All cards are assigned in 5 groups:
  • White / 1-star
  • Blue / 2-stars
  • Green / 3-stars
  • Gold / 4-stars (3 numbers and 1 letter "A")
  • Legend / 5-stars (2 numbers and 2 letter "A's")

All these cards can be obtained through packs except Legend / 5-star cards.

Legend / 5-star cards are awarded for completing your collection and can be for completing the season in the Champions Division. That would depend on your highest-reached position in that division when the season ends.

End-Of-Season Rewards

You begin every season in division 20, although this can vary according to your end-of-season reward (explained in the next paragraph). Each season lasts for 1 entire month. It begins on the 1st day and ends on the last day. Your end-of-season reward will be based on the highest division reached, and not the division you’re in at the time of collecting the reward.

The end-of-season reward consists of 1 card, coins, and stars. As explained in the previous paragraph, you begin each new season in division 20, but the number of stars received in the end-of-season reward will determine the actual division you’ll start in.

For example: By default you begin in division 20. If you receive 4 stars in the end-of-season reward, you’ll begin the new season in division 19, and so on.


Don’t let the division of your opponent intimidate you, but don’t disregard an opponent who’s in a lower division than you.
If you think the opponent might have a stronger lineup, try playing your cards in a way that allows you to re-flip the cards that they flip.

Be aware of all four corners of the cards and especially the ones that are placed in a way that allows for a flip.

It’s best to be familiar with your lineup so that you have a rough idea of which cards may be dealt.

This method may not work for everyone, but sometimes it allows you to anticipate certain plays and prepare for the next move.

There is a timer, so you have to think fast. If you missed the toss for who plays first, the outline of the pitch will give you an indication. If the outline is blue, you go first. And if purple, your opponent goes first.

** Commonly, players are left confused when they see opponents with better cards than them, yet, sometimes, they are in the same division or not too far apart.

Here it's important to consider the end-of-season rewards. Your opponent may have been in division 4 at the end of the season, and may have built a reasonable collection that contains a few of each type of card, and has since been assigned to a lower division (see end-of-season rewards for more information on how this works).

Now you know how the game works. If you do have any further questions or if you experience any issues, please write to us here:
Good luck!
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