Author Topic: Legend Player Value Calculations  (Read 8213 times)


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Re: Legend Player Value Calculations
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2015, 06:06:41 pm »
I just did the math, and it looks like Derek Jeter's legend rating will be 253 if they eventually re-categorize him into a "legend."

Can someone verify that for me? I have him on my roster now, in hopes that this will happen, but if he's only going to be rated 253, I'm just going to drop him.

Since Jeter is no longer playing in the MLB, his value is 0. At the moment he's not going to be categorized as a legend but we are talking with the MLBPA to see if we can add him in as a legend soon. If/When we can work that out, I'll keep you posted. Thanks!

Jeter's player value should be 353.  I have in at level 50 and plan to keep him whether he is made a legend or not.

Ah yes, you're right, thanks. I just recalculated. Musta made an error carrying the 1 somewhere. Good to know. I'll keep him as well, just in case.
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