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Walk through guide to Top Stars
« on: June 20, 2017, 10:02:34 am »
Walk through guide to Top Stars
A big thanks to Ms T for putting this together
(Reviewed by the FTB Team)

When you start the game as a brand new player, you are given the following:
- Some cash
- Some coins
- 8 players
- 4 skill cards
- a free box
- 5 goals of the required 10, towards your goal box

You will begin in Division 9 (Training Camp). Your very first game is a tutorial: basically a quick guide on how the game is played.

If you press down on the Division you’re currently in, it will show which cards you can earn in that division.
Swiping left or right will reveal the cards you would be able to collect in that specific and other divisions.

You can also view a more comprehensive list of the cards you have by going to your lineup.

You’ll be required to earn 80 stars to advance to the next division, your first game after completion of the tutorial will earn you 30 points. You’ll be able to earn a box after the initial game.
Now at this point, you’ll still have very basic cards. You can improve them by playing and winning more games which will give you boxes that will help you unlock more cards.
As you earn more stars, you will move up in divisions.
You can earn between 29-32 stars per game won. The same holds true for losing a game.

Game play:

Once you've found an opponent, you will be given some time to select the player and skill cards you wish to start the game with.
You will start with two skill and three player cards.
During this time, you are able to eliminate cards that you do not wish to start with.
A selection will then be made from the remaining cards in your lineup.

How you structure your lineup is important for what you want to achieve in the game, it’s basically your strategic starting point.
Keep in mind that the energy points is what determins how many player cards and skills you can use during a match.

For instance, if you have a lineup consisting of Common player cards, you’d only be able to throw down card per turn.

Whereas, some Epic player cards may allow you to bring on two cards or more per turn, depending on how may players you have on the field, after the first two turns of the game.
What you want to do is find synergy between your player and skill cards.
This will allow you a little more fluidity in your game play.

The target is to score the most goals and win the game.
You can score goals by directly attacking your opponent’s goalkeeper, and to defend your goalkeeper, sometimes it’s a good idea to attack your opponent’s players and take them off the field.

When two players battle each other, each player will reduce the other player’s defense by his attack value.

If a player’s defense reaches 0, he’ll be removed from the field.

There are player and skill cards that can help you defend your goalkeeper, and there are cards that helps you increase your own players attack and defense points.

Player and skill card attributes are shown on the left when playing a match as it is launched on the field by you or your opponent.

Playing a skill card helps to improve your players on the field or weaken your opponents.

The more cards you have, the more options you will have with your lineup.

Card types:

Player - Your basic player card, and as you accumulate more cards of a certain player and make improvements, the card becomes more powerful.
Skill - As you accumulate more cards of a certain skill and make improvements, the card becomes more powerful and adds more points to your player cards, on defense or offense.

Cards are delivered to you in boxes. These boxes can be bought in the store, as special offers, or you can earn them by winning games.

You can also buy individual cards in the shop with in-game cash. Three new cards are delivered to the shop every day.

Cards are categorized by:

Level - The level at which your card is.
Energy - The number of attack and defense points combined.
Rarity - Basically referring to the type of card and how often the card can be found.
Type - Common, Epic, Rare, Legendary

You can view all your cards under the lineup section.

When you press and hold a card, you are able see more information about the card, i.e. quality, type and skill.

Skill refers to the ‘power’ the card has, in addition to your player strength. (attack and defense)

Each card has it’s own skill type. For each level, you will be given an amount of cards  which you must collect. Once you’ve reached that target, you will be able to improve the card. When this is done, your card value will increase in terms of attack points, defense points or skill points. You will also earn experience (EXP.) points as reward for improving a card.

The higher the level of the card, the more the EXP. points you'll receive.

EXP counts towards improving your goalkeeper’s points.

Some card skills and abilities:

Boot - Inflicts damage to your opponent’s player.
Boot with lines - Double offense, the player can attack two times on the same turn.
Ellipsis (three dots) - Adds defense and offense points to an ally player
Lightning bolt - Injures an opponent player.
Snowflake - Damages an opponent player so that the player cannot attack on the next turn.
Running man - Quickness, the player can attack on the same turn on which he’s put onto the field
Shield - This player would need to be eliminated before being able to attack another object without wall.
Medical bag - Recovers points to an ally player.
Up arrow - Adds points to an ally player.


You can only access clubs once you have reached Division 8.
Each club may have their own requirement that would allow you for entry i.e. stars needed.
Joining a club allows you to trade and donate cards. For every donation you make, you will earn some small amounts of cash and EXP points.
Please note that there is a limit to the number of cards you can donate during a period of 24 hours. When the option becomes deactivated, you must wait 24 hours to be able to donate more cards.

There are some clubs that host events in which you will be able to earn coins.

Types of boxes:

You can press down on a box to reveal the contents. With cards, it does not show exactly which cards, but rather the amount of cards per type.

Free box - Every four hours, you are awarded a free box. Contents can include a few coins and some cards.

Goal box - You must score 10 goals to receive a Goal box. Once you collect the Goal box, you must wait a few hours to be able to accumulate more goals towards the next Goal box. Content delivered in these boxes are some coins, cash and cards.

Pro box - This box is the most basic of the lot. You earn these by winning matches. Content delivered along with these boxes are some cash and cards.

Star box - This box steps it up a little. You earn these by winning matches. Content delivered along with these boxes are some cash and cards.

Champions box - You can earn these by winning matches, but they do not appear as frequently as the Pro and Star boxes. Content delivered along with these boxes are some cash and cards. It can also be bought in the store.

Top Stars box - You can earn these by winning matches, but they do not appear as frequently as the Pro and Star boxes. Content delivered along with these boxes are some cash and cards. It can also be bought in the store.

MVP box - You can earn these by winning matches, but they are VERY rare? Content delivered along with these boxes are some cash and cards. A better bet would be to buy these in store.

You have four box slots. These are allocated to hold the boxes you’ve won. They can only hold four at a time, any boxes you may win while the slots are full would basically be null and void.

You can only unlock 1 box at any given time. If you have other boxes and are waiting until you can open another one, you can pay coins to open the ones that are not unlocked at that time.

If you have any questions, just let us know.
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