We know that all managers in the world can’t wait for the new season to begin and to see

what NBA General Manager has in store for them. Here we’d like to explain the most important changes that you’ll see this season.

Let’s get this show on the road!


The new season will be focused mainly on making it possible for all managers to progress even further in the game, allowing them to continue to grow and enjoy the experience of improving their team.

This is why the best active managers until now will be promoted from Beginner Planet to Bronze Planet, where they’ll be able to face the best managers and keep on improving their roster as we’ll explain further on.

The Planets that will be available from the very first moment are the following:

1.- Beginner

2.- Bronze

3.- Silver

4.- Gold

5/+ – Próximamente

At the beginning of the season, everyone will start in Beginners Planet, except the best managers in the world, who will be promoted automatically to Bronze Planet. This way, the best managers will only compete against the best, and the beginners will be able to compete against other beginners. This will give them more chances to improve and reach the best managers in the world.

After reviewing the comments and suggestions from our community of players in all of our games, we’ve decided to incorporate the new option of evolving players from planet to planet.

The Evolution system will work as follows:

If you have a player on your roster that you’d like to continue improving and adapt to the new planet, you can sign him again in the market and he’ll pass over to the new planet.

As a reward for your time training that player on the previous planet, when he moves on to the next planet, he’ll receive an extra set of levels according to the level he had on the previous planet (making this process different from the simple action of signing a new player). Here you can see the chart indicating the number of extra levels that will be rewarded:

Nivel jugador Beginner Niveles adiciones
1-5 1
6-10 2
11-15 3
16-20 4
21-25 5
26-30 6
31-35 7
36-40 8
41-45 9
46-50 10
51-55 12
56-59 15
60 17

Keeping this chart in mind, here is an example:

I have Westbrook (Beginner) on my roster at level 39 and I proceed to sign Westbrook (Bronze) at level 10. Having him previously at a level between 36 and 40, the new Westbrook (Bronze) will receive an extra 8 levels, so he will be added onto your roster at level 18.

With this new system, the user market regains the importance it had before. Take advantage of your Beginner players and create an even more powerful team!

MATCHES, TOURNAMENTS, SPECIAL COMPETITIONS AND THE WEEKLY LEAGUE The competitions, tournaments and the weekly league will be updated together with the Planets. Here you can find more detailed information:


In each Planet you’ll be able to continue challenging the other managers, but from now on, you’ll only challenge the managers that are in your Planet. So, if you are on the Bronze Planet, you’ll only face managers on the Bronze Planet.


Once you move up to the next Planet you’ll be able to advance in the tournaments again, getting fantastic rewards and power ups prepared according to your new Planet.

Special Competitions (All-Star Weekend, Playoffs, etc.):

We know that these types of competitions include the entire community, differentiating each manager by the number of points obtained. Now, in addition to competing according to your level, your opponents will also be filtered so you will only compete against those in your Planet, although the ranking will remain as a global ranking including all managers from all Planets

This way, it’s still possible for the 1st place winner to be from Bronze Planet, 2nd from Silver Planet and 3rd from Beginners Planet, but they will not compete against each other since they don’t belong to the same planet.

The Weekly League

We know one of the main issues that many managers have been experiencing for a long time is always competing against the same opponents in the weekly league. Well, we’re going to be solving this for you! Starting the day you open the new version, the managers that place 1st or 2nd in the All-Star division in their Planet will move up to the next Planet, so you won’t have to play against them again, until you move up to that next Planet. This will help ensure that all managers have the same opportunity to win the All-Star division of their weekly league, as well as rise to the next Planets to continue improving their team.

We hope you enjoy this new version of NBA General Manager as much as we do. The 2017 season is right around the corner!