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The official Football Manager of the NFL with which you can relive the excitement of American Football wherever you are.

Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Kickers, First Down, Yards, Tackles... TheSuper Bowl! Find all this and much more in your cell phone, in your hand, in your pockets, etc. You'll be able to enjoy the National Football League wherever and whenever you want as if you were right on the field. This game is absoulutely amazing, just like the NFL!

NFL Manager 2019 mobile game

NFL Manager 2019: Show your opponents who the best strategist is by creating your own play and choosing your best lineup in each First Down.

Sign the best players in the NFL and you'll be able to lead your team to the Super Bowl! You'll play against the teams of other NFL Managers and you'll be able to show your advanced strategy skills and the strength of your players on the field.

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Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley, Aaron Rodgers, etc. Let them help lead your team and show the rest who the best NFL Manager is!

Get together and compete with your friends in real time! Challenge other users from around the world thanks to this incredible multiplayer game of the NFL. Enjoy football like never before by playing this football Manager game and get spectacular rewards. Show the others who the best NFL Manager is!

NFL Manager 2019 mobile game

Don't wait any further. Download your FREE version of NFL Manager 2019 now and experience your favorite sport like never before!

Download the best NFL Manager game and start leading your own team from the very first moment. Feel like an authentic coach by lining up your best team of players, training them, choosing different tactics and getting them ready for the most difficult competitions. Great results don't come by themselves. Put in the extra effort and be the best Manager of them all!

Download NFL Manager 2019