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Flip Football The addictive card game!

Flip Football, the most strategic football card game!

The definitive card game with which you can develop your best strategy skills. Download the free football game on Google Play and the App Store. Jump onto the Flip Football battlefield, flip your opponents’ cards and win the game!

Prepare a strong and unbeatable team!

An overwhelming team will assure you a victory on the Flip Football battlefield. With this online card game, you can have fun with users from all over the world. Compete against them and show your flair for strategy games. Are you ready to experience the intensity of the Flip Football battles?

Create your own football strategy and take control of the game!

Flip as many of your opponents’ cards as possible and gain points. Win coins in each victory to buy the best pack of cards. Gain more points by flipping your opponents’ cards with the best stars of world football. The best possible lineup will ensure you the best rewards in Flip Football, the best football card game.

Flip Football, who attacks and who defends?

Only on the field will you be able to show your skills, get the best cards with your favourite football players and defeat all your opponents. Get the stars you need to climb to higher divisions and keep competing in this online game with friends or thousands of users from around the world. Don’t miss out on the most strategic football card game!