Topstars Football

Official Trailer Download Top Stars Football now and line up your best players, make smart plays to score goals and crush your opponents in real-time matches.

Fran MG Gameplay Discover the strategy in this Gameplay that Fran MG uses to defeat his opponents by a landslide. You can also open boxes, get prizes instantly and improve players. It's one of the most watched videos of football video games. TopStars, the clash royale of

Gameplay by DarkAkira In this Gameplay, DarkAkira is fighting against a legend. A tough battle against your opponent will make it very difficult, but he can only achieve it if he reaches a new division 5. Can he do it?

KManuS88 Gameplay This tutorial by KManuS88 is essential if you want to discover the best tricks to rise to the highest division and defeat your strongest opponents on the battlefield. Beat all your opponents now!

Tutorial de TRIPRO 7 We highly recommend this tutorial by TRIPRO7 if you're looking to start the card game. You'll get hooked on TopStars, the clash royale of football, from the first moment.

Gameplay TRIPRO 7 Opening boxes with TRIPRO7 to get his first legendary. Which one will he get? Also, find out how you can join a clan to get new cards and talk online with users from all over the world.

Gameplay ElLoquero In this Gameplay, ElLoquero wins the most exciting game in division 8. In addition, he gets the best boxes to improve his players and improve them.