Once again we’re happy to announce we’re making new updates thanks to our Fantasy Manager users. Thanks to your comments and suggestions, we’ve decided to improve the Free Agents system to ensure that none of your players will lose their value.

Starting now, forget about having two of the same players on your roster. Having the same player duplicated on a roster wasn’t very useful seeing that the player from the higher planet would start gaining levels and taking value away from the other. That’s why we’ve decided to move a step forward and create an Evolution system for the players.

-What does the Evolution system do?

In short, we could say that it’s some sort of player merge. In other words, starting now, if you decide to sign a player you already have, but from the Bronze Planet, that player from the Beginner Planet would no longer appear on your team. Now both players and their skills would merge together into a more powerful player.

-What are the benefits of the new Evolution system?

Firstly, a reduction in the slots being used. With the previous system, 2 slots were being used up by the player on the Beginner Planet and the same player on the Bronze Planet. Now, with this new system change, both players would merge together and only use up 1 slot.

You no longer have to worry about the Beginner player you spent so much time and coins increasing his level losing his value because his Bronze equivalent was much better. Now your Beginner Player will help your new Bronze Player be even better.

-How does the Evolution system work?

Everything is based on the the level of your Beginner players. If a user has a player on their roster and they sign a the same one but from the Bronze planet, the previous player will rise a specific number of levels and convert into the Bronze version, at a higher level according to the level he had in the Beginner category. To show you how it works, we’ve created the following chart:

Player level Beginner Additional levels
1-5 1
6-10 2
11-15 3
16-20 4
21-25 5
26-30 6
31-35 7
36-40 8
41-45 9
46-50 10
51-55 12
56-59 15
60 17

Keeping the above table into account, an example of this evolution would be as follows:

I have Sergio Ramos (Beginner) on my roster at level 34 and I sign Sergio Ramos (Bronze) at level 15. Since my previous Sergio Ramos was at a level between 31-35, my new Sergio Ramos (Bronze) will rise 7 additional levels, from level 15 to 22.

-How will I know if one of the players I’m trying to sign will evolve?

In both the regular Auction and the Direct Buy section, if you try to sign a Bronze player that you already have on your roster, you’ll notice an Evolution icon. That way you’ll know that your Beginner player will evolve to Bronze.

With this new system the Free Agents section will regain the importance that it had before: taking advantage of your Beginner players and creating a much more powerful team.

Once again, thanks to your comments and suggestions, we continue to improve the game. The time to evolve has come!