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What a Summer we’ve got in store for us in Fantasy Manager Football! We’re starting the summer season with a unique competition between National Teams, and more specifically with the Copa América Brazil 2019! In this new competition, you’ll begin by choosing the most important thing: the National Team that you want to defend. On this special occasion, for the Copa América, you can choose among all participants in the real competition: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and many more.

Once you’ve chosen the National Team that you want to defend, you’ll begin playing matches together with all of the managers from your same National Team against those from each team, reliving the actual Copa América event. To give you an example, if you’re managing Argentina, and you have a game against Qatar, in that match, you’ll play together with other managers of Argentina against all the rest of the managers of Qatar.

How do the matches work?

It’s simple. In each match you can receive points for your National Team by challenging different managers from the opposing team, and the National Team with more points between all of its managers at the end of the match will receive either 3 points or 1, since there can also be draws. In addition, depending on the rank of the opposing National team, you’ll receive different rewards. You’ll also have to keep in mind that, if you challenge the franchise ranked 1st, each win will add a lot more points for your National Team. If you compete against a lower-ranked team, you’ll earn less points. In order to ensure further balance in the rewards, the points received will also depend on the number of managers of each National Team participating in the match. For example, if Argentina has 2,000,000 managers and Qatar has just 100,000 managers, each game Qatar wins will give more points for their team.

As we’ve mentioned before, in this competition you can earn rewards for each match won, but you can also win another reward at the end of the season. (You’ll receive this reward when your National Team is eliminated from the competition) and another collective reward if your National Team qualifies for the quarterfinals.

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After the first weeks of the group matches, the top 8 National Teams will qualify to compete in the elimination round competition. And the rewards in these competitions will be spectacular!. Therefore, in order to get these rewards, your National Team will have to qualify for the playoffs. Exciting, right?


In this new game mode, there is a specific kind of currency needed to play; Tickets, which is different from the normal energy you use in the rest of the game. In this way, participating in this game mode and helping your teammates won’t keep you from continuing your career and becoming the best manager in the world.

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Tickets can be recharged in different ways:

  • Waiting for them to recharge after a certain amount of time.
  • Watching videos.
  • Using your own coins.


Furthermore, in this new section, all members of your National Team will be able to obtain a x2 point booster for a certain amount of time. To activate booster, you’ll have to work together with the other managers from your franchise. That way you’ll be able to turn any game around and take the win. You’ll be able to activate the point booster on different occasions throughout each game. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of times you can collaborate for the point booster.


You’ll also be able to use Twitter to cheer your National Team on, competing each week to be the loudest on our social media pages. If you want to cheer your team on, you can do it on Twitter by following these instructions:

  • Mention @FTB_FMFootball.
  • Use the hashtag of your National Team, for example #ARGWins, #BRAWins, etc., (all corresponding hashtags can be found in the picture and in the tips from your Brazil 19 Assistant).
  • Also include the hashtag #FMBrazil19 in order to see all the National Teams supporting their own.

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For example: "#FMBrazil19 on @FTB_FMFootball. Going for the win! #ARGWins".

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And if you thought that wasn’t enough, if you find yourself to be among the top 100 managers in the Copa América, you’ll soon be able to receive offers from other National Teams to participate with them and help them win the Copa América Brazil 19! Will you be able to get the best managers to play for your team?

We hope that you’re as excited as we are with this new and fun competition and to compete together with your franchise to show who the real champions of FM Football are.

Good luck!