We know that the the start of a new season in FANTASY MANAGER FOOTBALL always creates some doubts and you’d like to know exactly what will happen when the current season ends and the next begins.

We were able to get the same members of the Concept Team at From the Bench, S.L. together to clear up these questions and doubts you may have.

Here you can find a Q&A between Santiago Pérez (CCO), Pedro Pérez (Head Data Analyst) y Alex Olmos (a.k.a. The White Mamba, CM & Content Specialist) in which they explain first hand what will happen in the change to the new season,

Here’s a hint: this year, all managers will continue to maintain the progress achieved, including players, cash and coins.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Question 1

Tell us a little bit about the change from the previous season? Are you happy with what was done, generally speaking? Is there anything you could improve?

_0058_pedro__web PP: The users gave us their opinion about the changes we made and they were right, so we’re going to keep improving the game according to their opinions and ideas.

Question 2

So this year you’re going to maintain the same strategy. Could you please elaborate on what you’re looking for in this the changes for this season?

_0058_pedro__web SP: This year, we’d like for the users who have been playing the longest to keep on developing their career as a manager and come back feeling just as excited about signing and improving new players as it was the first time they played the game. Therefore we looked for the best way for the users to keep on having fun.

Question 3

This is quite a big change. Do you think that the majority of the users asked for this type of change? Will there also be users against it?

_0058_pedro__web TWM: As we say in the videogame industry, it’s impossible to make everyone in the world happy. However, we do believe that these changes will be very beneficial for everyone as it allows both the new users and those who have been playing for a while to keep improving their team, to be more competitive in the game.

Question 4

So, just to be sure, this year no user will lose their progress in the previous season? They’ll keep their players, cash, coins and experience?

_0058_pedro__web SP: That’s correct. After updating to the newest version, they’ll just need to open the app and everything will be the way it was before. Although, I will add that they’ll have to keep on improving their team if they want to continue being competitive throughout the season.

Question 5

Last year we saw great changes in the graphics, as well as new competitions and features. Based on what you’ve been saying, this year you’re working more on the continuity of the game so that the user can continue playing longer. Can you tell us more about what led you to make this decision?

_0058_pedro__web TWM: Basically, for this season we were thinking about keeping the game going for a longer period of time, adding the possibility to progress even further. Of course there will be visual changes, but we felt that what the game really needed was, as they do in the other games that don’t begin every season (like World of Warcraft or any MMORPG), new scenes and the chance to improve your team a lot more than it has been allowed until now.