Fantasy Manager Football - Ειδήσεις και ενημερώσεις

We really wanted to introduce game's new feature and we finally have it among us! Top Players offers you the possibility to sign the best players in the current market and the best-rated legend players in history!

We’re starting the summer season with a unique competition between National Teams

Fantasy Manager is a candidate for the award of being the best game in Spain on Google Play and the App Store in the first edition of TheAwards

The start of the new season is going to be full of surprises! Those managers who have been with us for many years know that one of our main priorities is listening to our users and trying to offer them the best experience possible.

Welcome to the CHAMPIONS planet, where your history as one of the best managers in the football world can grow even further.

This week we welcome the French league to our Fantasy Manager. The new users can pick between any of the 20 teams in the French first division.

We’re going to explain the new features that come with the new 6.0.6 version

Choose the Club Shop option and wear the special halloween kits now!

We’re happy to announce that from today, 21st October, we will activate the new fantasy scores for this 15/16 season. Below you can see the list of changes (assists now included!)

Recently we opened the new version of 2016 of Fantasy Manager Football and we wanted to answer some doubts that you may have about this version.

A few months ago we opened a small blog because we wanted to increase communication with you, our players, and we inform you about the ideas and objectives of the 2016 edition

There’s not long left until you can sell your players to other managers!

Today we’ll explain the first part of the market- selling a player.

The most important competition in the world of football has made its way to your mobile device and, in Fantasy Manager Football, we want to make sure that you enjoy it even more

We want Fantasy Manager to continue even more, so we’re proud to present you with this latest addition

The new season of the most addictive Fantasy Manager Football has arrived: The Club Superleague!

Once again we’re happy to announce we’re making new updates thanks to our Fantasy Manager users

We know that all managers in the world can’t wait for the new season to begin and to see what Fantasy Manager has in store for them

We know that the the start of a new season in FANTASY MANAGER FOOTBALL always creates some doubts and you’d like to know exactly what will happen when the current season ends and the next begins.

In Fantasy Manager Football 2016 we’re not going to skip out on the chance to let you experience the best football like never before.

The quarter finals elimination round between Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool FC has begun and, in Fantasy Manager, we’ve prepared a very special in-game tournament

We’ve got a bunch of things to tell you. Take a seat.

You already know about the process of selling a player, now we’ll teach you how to buy a player.

Fantasy Manager Football is preparing for new updates ahead of the summer. So that the update is as dynamic and balanced as possible, we’ve decided to make some adjustments to the player values on each planet.