Greetings managers,

You already know about the process of selling a player, now we’ll teach you how to buy a player.

Have you practiced your poker face? No? You’re going to need it if you want to sign players!

When a player is on the market, managers can make an offer for that player to join their team. If you’re the lucky manager that makes the best bid when the countdown reaches 0, then that star player joins your team.

As good as it may be to sign the latest star, you must be careful not to make an excessively high bid. You wouldn’t want to overpay for a player and make the rest of the squad unhappy!

If you make an offer for a player and the timer reaches 0, then you can welcome your newest acquisition into your team (if you had the highest offer) or simply recover the money (if another manager offered more cash). Remember, you won’t know the amount offered by other coaches, so trust your instinct or you’ll be player-less!

There’s more and more strategy getting added into Fantasy Manager! Get ahead of the game!

We look forward to your feedback,