We want Fantasy Manager to continue even more, so we’re proud to present you with this latest addition: the footballers called up to play for the best current national teams will receive Player Value updates when their national team plays matches throughout the season.

What does this mean? Well, staring now – when the competitions stop for the national teams to take the pitch, some of your players will receive Player Value updates according to their national team’s FIFA ranking: http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ranking-table/men/index.html

Which players will update during the break from league matches? ONLY the players called up to play for their national team will benefit from this. For example, Neymar, Coutinho and Casemiro who were called to play for Brazil, would have their Player Value updated. On the other hand, since players such as David Luiz, Fabinho and Danilo were not called up to play for Brazil in the last match, their Player Value would NOT be updated. You will know which players are called up because they will appear equipped with their national team’s jersey in the game.

How much will their Player Value increase? Remember that ONLY the players who are called up to play will receive an increased value. This increase will be established through the following table:

The players called up to play for the team in 1st place of the FIFA ranking will receive an additional 120 points to their value. The players from the 2nd place team will receive an additional 105 points onto their value. This continues until 15th place in the ranking.

Now, in addition to signing the best players in the market, you’ll have to take their teams ranking into account since it will add even more to your Team Value while the league is on break.

This increase in points will NOT be done in the Final rounds of international tournaments such as the World Cup, the Euro cup, or the Copa América, since during these competitions the players will receive double points for each match played.

Get ready because the international matches are bringing a whole new dimension to Fantasy Manager!