Dear managers,

Recently we opened the new version of 2016 of Fantasy Manager Football and we wanted to answer some doubts that you may have about this version.

Let’s get to it:

post_circulo_template The big absence

First of all, the big absence: Where is the transfer market that you said would be included in the new version? We’d like to reassure you that this feature hasn’t been removed but it has been quite difficult to implement into the new game for the moment. Upon releasing our first version to the market and testing this feature, the response wasn’t quite what we had  expected. Therefore, we had to rethink the idea. The good news is that we’re closer than ever now. The 2nd version of the market between users is on its way and will be available for the next big update (6.1). Before that big update we’ll have one or two more smaller updates (6.0.6, 6.0.7).

post_circulo_template Legendary players

We’ve received some complaints about our legendary players. Some users think that the legends are overpowering. We believe that the legendary players add to the game but we also think you’re right – we may have gone a little overboard. Subsequently, we have lowered their points. The new legends are already being released with a lower value than before. We now have two versions of a legendary player, for example ‘Maldini’ and ‘Maldini Legend 94’, each one with a different Player Value. The new legends that are up for sale are already available with their new Player Values. It is still possible to see great legends with higher values but these are the exception rather than the norm.

You can already see players from some clubs have their face drawn. We’re continuously adding more drawn faces of players that belong to big clubs, those clubs with which we still do not have finalised deals. As we strike up licensing deals with clubs, you will start to see official images of the player and likewise if a deal with a club is terminated, the players from said team will be shown as a drawing.

post_circulo_template NO TEAM

This leads us to another big question – the NO TEAM players. Players who appear as having NO TEAM are those who play for clubs that we don’t rate. That doesn’t mean that the particular player has already retired, we know that he is still professionally active but if he plays for Levante for example, he will appear as NO TEAM as in Fantasy Manager we do not update the points for that team. If in the future we rate that team then their players will appear as having a team.

post_circulo_template Android versions

The other big doubt is the Android version. We’re doing all we can so that the iOS and Android versions are as similar as possible in terms of functionality. Believe us when we say that for us it’d be amazing for both versions to be on the same level but unfortunately this is not always possible. For the moment the Android versions are lagging slightly behind the iOS versions.

post_circulo_template What is coming up

In the next few weeks the 6.0.6 version will be released, followed by 6.0.7 some weeks later. These two versions will make way for the big 6.1 update which is spearheaded by the market between users feature. The coming posts will explain the developments in more detail.

We’re very pleased with the start of the year and we sincerely believe that it will be a great year for Fantasy Manager.

We await your comments,