Champions Planet - Bienvenido


The start of the new season is going to be full of surprises! Those managers who have been with us for many years know that one of our main priorities is listening to our users and trying to offer them the best experience possible. So, we are proud to present to you the latest updates that we’ll be incorporating into our favorite game: RANKINGS and THE CHAMPIONS PLANET.


This new feature is one that we’ve been considering adding into the game for a while now and, after running an extensive analysis on how to implement it into the game, it’s finally here!

As you already know, the Team Value is what provides the biggest opportunities for your team to win games, so a ranking based only on this data wouldn’t reflect the true skills and strength of the best managers in the world.

That’s why your position in the ranking will be based on your achievements earned on a monthly basis. Below you’ll see which actions within the game will give you points:

How do I obtain points?

  • The Weekly League: You’ll receive different points at the end of the league according to the division and position that you finish in.
  • Tournaments: Completing tournaments will also provide you with points in the ranking. Just like in the Weekly League, the more advanced you are in the tournaments, the more points you’ll receive.
  • Superleague: Your favorite competitions will also provide you with points for the ranking. The points received will depend on your final position.
  • Games (in the section “Play Match”): Many of our managers play regular games to win the resources necessary through winning streaks. So, in order to incentivize this, the regular games will also provide points in the ranking.
  • Player Improvement: Increasing your players’ levels will also provide you with points. That way you’ll be able to ensure that your entire team, both the starters and the players on the bench, can be in top shape.
  • Renewing players: Renewing your players' contract will also give you points towards your monthly ranking.
  • Live Match: You will also receive points for connecting to watch your league match Live.

Champions Planet - Bienvenido

The ranking will update on a monthly basis, therefore, we’ll call them “Seasons”. In this way, at the end of every month, the Season will end and different rewards will be delivered according to your position in the Global Ranking. The higher you are in the ranking at the end of the Season, the better the rewards you’ll receive.

A new Season will begin on the 1st day of every month, as well as a new opportunity for you to prove to the world that you are the best manager.


This is the second season in which the game is including the planets feature, and we think that these kinds of features must have an ultimate level, a place where the best managers in the world make history and will be remembered forever.

Champions Planet - Bienvenido

Therefore, without further ado, we present to you the final planet, the CHAMPIONS planet.

This planet includes up features that will be available for the best managers in the world, and with Player Values never before seen or imaginable in the previous seasons.

Do you think that you’re the best manager in Fantasy Manager? It’s time to prove it!