Dear managers,

We’re going to explain the new features that come with the new 6.0.6 version.

As we’ve already said this is a transitional version until the 6.1 version is available – A version that will lead to the market between users as it is a small calibration and fine tuning that is necessary.

circulo_goldball Rewards in the leagues

We’ve noticed that the league rewards have been too low in regards to the effort required to be successful in them. In the beginning, we decided to raise the rewards by 20%. In the end, however we thought it best to DOUBLE ALL THE PRIZES, not only in cash but also in coins.

circulo_goldball Improving player

In the last few versions we’ve been adding different features that generate much more cash than usual: daily tasks, loans, jobs, leagues… all of them will be part of a host of measures that will ensure that there is more depth to the game. These measures include the ‘improve players for cash’ feature.

These changes allow managers to have more cash and more options to spend it on, allowing the user to differentiate between good and great methods of money management. After all, you are managing a club. However, increasing a player’s level lacked strategy and lacked cost. For this reason, from now on levelling up will cost cash and the user should make the decision based on the importance of that player on their squad and whether it is cost-effective to invest in improving a player or on other aspects of the club.

When the transfer market in the 6.1 version opens, these change in levels will be made even more strategic.

circulo_goldball Transfers

We’ll help you understand the feature that we’ve added in the new 2016 season- when you use one of your friends’ players the game will show you whether the player is available or not, if he is not the game will then show you how long is left until he can be selected. Remember that once used you cannot use that same player from your friend until 24 hours have passed.

In addition to those bigger changes we’ve also resolved a bunch of errors and changed the game and screenshot icons.

The version is already awaiting approval and it be available in the foreseeable future for iOS users.

We eagerly await your feedback,