Greetings, Managers,

We’re happy to announce that from today, 21st October, we will activate the new fantasy scores for this 15/16 season. Below you can see the list of changes (assists now included!)

More points for scoring a goal:

Striker: +30 -> +50

Midfielder: +50> +70

Defender: +80 -> +100

More points for starting XI:

For being in the starting XI: +20 -> +40

New statistic, for each assist:

Striker: +25

Midfielder: +35

Defender: +50

Goalkeeper: +100

In addition, we’ve reduced the negative value given for own goals. Annoying their team mates is punishment enough:

Own goals:

Any position: -80 -> -50

With these changes many players will become a more valuable asset to your team. More points and more strategies to assemble a team of champions.

The managers who adapt best to these new scores will be the ones that make the difference. Scrutinize the market in search of the top assisters!

We eagerly await your feedback,