The most important competition in the world of football has made its way to your mobile device and, in Fantasy Manager Football, we want to make sure that you enjoy it even more with: new opponents, more duels, more rewards and more excitement! You’ll also have the chance to participate in the World Cup Planet, which will only be available until July 22nd after the Final.

Until July 22nd? Yes, we’ve prepared a new and exclusive planet that will open on June 11th and close after the final match of the World Cup. Not only will you be able to compete against the best users in the current planets in Fantasy Manager Football, but you’ll also have to qualify in order to be able to participate in the “World Cup” planet.

We have to qualify? That’s correct. In order to participate among the best, you’ll have to fight hard. When the qualification period has started, you’ll have to fulfill some requirements (shown below) in order to participate in the “World Cup” planet that will open on June 11th.

Requirements to qualify: In order to participate in the “World Cup” planet, you’ll only need to fulfill one of the following requirements in the different Fantasy Manager Football competitions:

  • League: Compete, in any moment, in First Division over the 5 weeks prior to June 10th.
  • Tournaments: Win the “Manchester” tournament, which is included in the “England” pack of the Regular Tournaments (if you’ve already completed this task, you’ll have to win it again during the qualification period)
  • Superleague: Finish among the top 500 in the “World Cup Qualifier Superleague” which will begin on May 29th.
  • How much time do I have to qualify? The qualifying period will end on June 10th, and the next day, June 11th, the “World Cup” planet will open.

    How will I know if I’ve qualified for the “World Cup” planet? As soon as you fulfill one of the requirements, you’ll receive a message that says, “You’ve qualified for the World Cup planet. Good luck!” At that point, you’ll already be among the best in the fight to show which of you is the best manager in the “World Cup” planet!

    So, what happens once I’ve qualified? If you’ve made it to this point, there’s no doubt that you’ll form part of the “World Cup” planet, so keep on reading, because there’s more fun that awaits you.

    In the “World Cup” planet, you’ll take on all of the users that have been able to qualify for the planet, regardless of the planet that they were on before. But how is that possible?

    Once the “World Cup” planet is open, all of the players of the users who’ve qualified will have an increased value and everyone will compete in equal conditions.

    What’s more, the first time you enter Fantasy Manager Football, when the “World Cup” planet is open, you’ll receive a player on your roster with a “World Cup” value that you’ll recognize because he’ll have an icon from a different planet, with a value higher than the rest of the players on your roster.

    Can I sign other “World Cup” players to my team? Of course! You can do it just as you always have in the Auctions.

    So, how is being part of the “World Cup” planet going to benefit me? You’ll be able to challenge the best managers in Fantasy Manager Football, earn much greater rewards in the different in-game competitions, for example in tournaments, where the rewards will be 50% more.

    Will there be official prizes throughout the “World Cup”? Yes, there will be competitions in which you can win the shirt of your favourite national team and other prizes that we will be make public as soon as we activate the “World Cup” planet.

    Okay, so what happens when the World Cup is over? As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, the “World Cup” planet will only be available from June 11th until July 22nd. When the “World Cup” planet closes, all participating users will be placed on the planet superior to the one they were on previously. For example, if you were on the Bronze planet before entering the “World Cup” planet, starting July 22nd, you’ll participate in the Silver planet, and the same for the rest of the existing planets in Fantasy Manager Football. The “World Cup” players that you signed throughout that time will then be a part of the planet that you’ve been moved to on July 22nd.

    Are you ready for the competition? The 2018 World Cup in Fantasy Manager Football is about to begin!