Greetings managers,

Today we’ll explain the first part of the market- selling a player.

You can sell 2 players at a time. When you put 1 player up for sale, he will be up for grabs for 8 hours. When he is up for sale you cannot use him in any other part of the game.

The cost of putting a player up for sale is 2 coin.

You only have to decide how much cash you’d like for the player and the system will automatically calculate the final price after applying the relevant commission.

If your player receives at least 1 offer from another manager you will receive the amount that you requested for the player. If, on the other hand, no manager is interested in your player after 24 hours on the market, then the player will return to your team.

It’s a very simple function to use and understand. In the next post we will explain the buying process which is a bit more complex.

We look forward to your feedback,